Which Rate Plan is Best for Me?

True Natural Gas is your partner in keeping your home warm and cozy in the cold months. Our residential customers get top-rated service, and they also have of one of the lowest-priced natural gas services on the market. But, we don’t stop there. Our range of rate plans ensures that you keep your home warm and toasty, no matter your budget. 

Variable Market Pricing Plan 

This plan doesn’t lock you into a contract and allows you to take advantage of the changing natural gas prices. Your monthly rate will depend on the current natural gas prices, exclusive of the AGL base charge, sales tax, and the $5.95 customer service charge. The monthly rate depends on current natural gas prices 

Fixed Six Month Plan 

If you want to be protected against sudden price increases in natural gas prices, availing of the fixed six-month plan may be the best option for you. This plan has a six-month lock-in period where you’ll be guaranteed a fixed price per therm for six billing cycles. 

Fixed 12 Month Plan 

Insulate your savings with the fixed twelve-month plan from True Natural Gas. This plan will lock you in a twelve-month contract wherein you’ll be guaranteed a fixed rate per therm for twelve billing cycles. By signing up for this plan, you don’t have to do any guesswork for your monthly rates. 

Fixed 18 Month Plan 

With our eighteen-month fixed plan, keep your home warm and your savings warmer. You get lower prices per therm when you use True Natural Gas services for a longer term. You won’t be affected by sudden spikes in natural gas prices because you’re covered for eighteen billing cycles. 

Fixed 24 Month Plan 

Commit to True Natural Gas for 24 months, and reap bigger benefits in savings. This long-term fixed plan locks you in at the lowest rate for twenty-four months. That’s two winter seasons of warm homes without worrying about the changing natural gas prices. 

Low Income Senior Citizen Plan 

Qualified senior citizens can save on the monthly customer service charge and the AGL base prices. This can mean savings of up to $30 yearly on your True Natural Gas bill. 

  • Available for senior citizens at least 65 years old 
  • Must have a monthly household income of $25,760 or less 
  • A monthly customer service charge of $3.45 
  • AGL base charges are reduced to up to $14 monthly 

For current rates on these plans, please visit: True Natural Gas | Residential Natural Gas Rates. Whatever your budget, True Natural Gas has a monthly plan for you to keep your home warm. 

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