No Gimmicks with True Natural Gas - How to Spot Gimmicks

Natural gas is one of those essential services you can’t live without. It heats your house, powers up your stovetop, and gives you warm water. But sometimes, your current gas company fails to deliver the services they promise. Maybe you even get a shock when you get your bill and see all the hidden charges you didn’t agree to. If you’re in Georgia and want to change your gas company, who can you turn to for advice?

Finding a Natural Gas Company in Georgia

You’re right to be wary of natural gas marketers that offer low “introductory” rates or special gifts to get your business. Often, once the deal is done, your rate goes up, or you are charged a hefty service fee. Besides each marketer’s website, there are other trusted sources to turn to in your search.

The regulating entity of natural gas marketing in Georgia is the State of Georgia Public Service Commission or PSC. Each month they publish the rates of each marketer, and even show apples-to-apples comparison after adding in service charges.

Want more than the numbers? There is more to doing business than dollars and cents. Customer service, consistency and reputability come into play. Turn to people just like yourself and see what they have to say. We know people are often most honest behind a keyboard so search for Google reviews or check the Better Business Bureau website.

Another source to turn to are consumer advocates. TrustDALE is a website founded by six-time Emmy award-winning journalist, TV host, and consumer investigator Dale Cardwell. The site is an online research and referral site for consumers like you dedicated to giving you only facts without gimmicks. All the companies that appear on the site are vetted by Dale using a seven-point investigative standard to ensure you are getting the best price and service.

No Gimmicks With True Natural Gas: The Preferred TrustDALE Company in Georgia

I recommend True Natural Gas because of their great rates, excellent customer service, and reliability. We have not experienced any issues. The lowering customer service charge is also a great benefit. Thanks, True Natural Gas, for your service!

                                                              -Darren G


Darren is just one of the many people in Georgia who is satisfied with the service and price of True Natural Gas. True Natural Gas is the only gas provider in Georgia that passed TrustDale’s rigid seven-point investigative standard. 

True Natural Gas is a preferred TrustDALE company because:

  • We are local in Georgia, and our employees work and live where you do.
  • We have excellent customer service, and when you call, you talk to a REAL live person who’ll resolve your issue as fast as possible.
  • We have easy-to-read bills. What you see is what you get.

No Gimmicks, Just Facts

Choosing a natural gas company you can trust is vital because this is an essential service in your everyday life. True Natural Gas is one of TrustDALE’s preferred natural gas companies in Georgia because it delivers what it says it will. It has a 4.5 average star rating among Google reviewers and is consistently a lower cost, premier customer service provider in the area. There are no gimmicks with True Natural Gas, just honest, straightforward service.

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