What Are the Best Ways to Lower My Natural Gas Bill?

Like nearly half of Americans, you rely on natural gas for your heating needs, but that can be a challenge. Your natural gas bill can start climbing, particularly when it’s cold outside and you haven’t fully upgraded your heating system. 

Fortunately, when you understand the top causes of high natural gas bills, you can take steps to lower your costs. Here’s a quick look at what you can do to lower your natural gas bill. 

What Are Top Causes of High Natural Gas Bills? 

You’re probably aware of some reasons for high gas bills, but the factors can vary. Here are a few of the top reasons you may see higher-than-usual natural gas bills. 

Fuel Prices

You face the realities of supply and demand. When demand for natural gas increases, so will the cost. Sometimes, higher costs can be mitigated by increasing the gas pipeline capacity.

Changes in Weather

When it’s cold outside, you need more gas to effectively heat your home. That cost can be further exacerbated because you may need to warm more water, which requires even more gas. 

Inefficient Technology

Technology doesn’t stay “new” forever. Over time, heating technology degrades, becomes less efficient, and requires more fuel to produce heat. You might set your thermostat to the same temperature, but find your heating system doesn’t function as well. 

How to Lower Your Natural Gas Bill

Now that you know some causes of your high natural gas bill, you can take steps to modify your lifestyle and put fixes in place that will improve your gas bill. Here are a few ways to get started lowering your bill. 

Reduce Your Energy Use

You can lower your heating bill just by being more aware of your home, and finding ways to better use the heat and energy that’s already flowing through your house. 

  • Open the window shades to let in the light and capture the sun’s natural heat.
  • Put on more clothes when it’s cold outside, so you can keep the thermostat at a lower temperature, feel warm, but still save energy.
  • Check all your vents to make sure heat is flowing freely through your house. 
  • Close up the rooms and vents you’re not using, so you can better target your heat to the areas where you spend your time at home.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Hire an experienced professional to come out and service your heating system every year. Even if you keep it clean and it appears to be functioning properly, you still need an expert technician to check the system and fix any issues before the cold weather sets in. 

Upgrade Your Insulation 

Your insulation keeps your house warm, but it should also prevent inefficiencies. If you don’t have the right insulation, you’re letting that warm air slip right through your fingers. So, consider upgrading your insulation to achieve the warm home you need and want. 

Install a Smart Thermostat

Inefficient technology can cause your natural gas bill to skyrocket, but you can also put technology to work for you. The right smart thermostat can give you control and insight into your home environment, so you can better adjust and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Learn more about how you can save money on your natural gas bill

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