Where Does Natural Gas Come From?

Most of the time, you turn on your stove or your lights without a second thought. However, have you ever stopped and wondered, "Where is my natural gas coming from?"

That's an excellent question, and the truth is that the answer depends on where you live.

Natural gas, just like oil, was created over hundreds of millions of years. It originates from dead animals and plants mixed with other minerals and natural elements. This combination ultimately led to the creation of realistic, liquified gas pockets.

Where is natural gas found?

Natural gas comes in many forms. It's usually found in rock layers and is mined and extracted like other natural resources. This form is conventional natural gas. Other forms of gas, known as unconventional natural gas, are found in spaces within rocks. This type of natural gas is often less "conventional," meaning it takes different processes to extract. It can be more valuable, but it can also be more expensive for utilities to mine.

How does natural gas get to my house?

Natural gas is extracted from the ground using wells. These wells are drilled in various ways and can be horizontal or vertical. As you can imagine, it takes specialized knowledge to understand how to remove the gas from the ground and transport it. Once extracted, natural gas is transported from its extraction site to specialized plants that can transform the liquified gas into usable material. Moving this gas requires technical knowledge and extremely careful safety measures. The field is often strictly regulated by governments, who work with companies to ensure that they take appropriate safety measures to get the gas to consumers.

Where is natural gas located?

Natural gas is found in certain places throughout the world. It is located and identified via geological surveys and specialized equipment. Some countries, like Russia, have large pockets of natural gas. Natural gas is a limited and valuable resource, and it is typically used by businesses and countries to make extensive profits. According to current estimates, nearly 75% of all natural gas in the world is located in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. 

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