Customer Service Spotlight - Tracy Lyles

At True Natural Gas, we focus on delivering the best customer service to the community we serve in Fayette. We take pride in our work, but we value our talented team of customer service professionals. This includes Tracy Lyles, one of our top Customer Service Representatives in our Fayette District Office. 

With more than 17 years with the company, she’s part of a fantastic team of customer care specialists. She loves to dance and spend time with her grandkids when she’s not working to resolve any issues our customers may face. 

She believes in the Golden Rule; treating people how she’d like to be treated. And she’s dedicated to ensuring every customer gets the support, listening ear, and favorable resolution they deserve. She shows each person who calls just how committed she is to solving any issues that arise, no matter how small.

How long have you worked for True Natural Gas?

17 years

What is your favorite part of working here?

Work/Life Balance

What’s the most unique part about working here?

The operating philosophy - staying true to their rates

What is your biggest career lesson so far?

To always have a “people first” attitude

What is your favorite part of providing customer service to True Natural Gas customers?

Helping resolve issues

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working?

Spending time with my grandkids

What’s your favorite place in the world?


What’s a fun fact about you that many people may not know?

I love to dance

What is your motto or personal mantra?

Treat people the way you want to be treated

What is one food that you cannot resist?

butter pecan ice cream

What tv show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

Pimple Popping

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