Commercial Rates

We partner with businesses of every size.

As a business owner, your focus needs to be on growing your company's bottom line, not your gas provider's. We understand. And while we may not be able to help increase your sales numbers, we can certainly help you reduce operating expenses and avoid unexpected price volatility.

You can depend on our team of industry professionals to recommend the best pricing plan for your business. We'll help you leverage our competitive plans and features to minimize your cost of doing business, and we promise not to ever confuse you with complicated pricing and hidden charges. We know our business well. And we know you're not in business to pay high energy bills.

True Natural Gas is a major player with business customers, having won such accounts as:

  • Retail » Publix and Auto Zone
  • Government » Peachtree City and DeKalb and Coweta counties
  • School Systems » Douglas, Fayette, and Forsyth counties
  • Colleges and Universities » Emory, Mercer, and Savannah College of Art & Design
  • Restaurants » Chick-fil-A, Krispy Kreme and O’Charley’s
  • Healthcare » Emory University Hospital and DeKalb Medical

Commercial Rate Plans

Large Business Pricing

Our large customers have the potential to use their size to their advantage. If your business uses more than 4,000 therms per year or has multiple facilities, you are eligible to receive a custom rate for your natural gas service based on the volume of natural gas used. That custom rate could be significantly lower than our published rates.

For a quote customized specifically for your business needs, please contact our commercial sales department:

Michael Moseley (South Atlanta)
[email protected]

Melissa Jones (North Atlanta)
[email protected]

Lily Shi (Asian Market)
[email protected]

Small Business Pricing

Please call and speak with one of our designated sales specialists at 770-252-7496.

Small business customers and commercial and industrial companies that consume less than 4,000 therms per year can benefit from the following commercial rates:

$0.891 Variable Market Pricing Plan Plus $8.50 per DDDC View Details

True Natural Gas offers a competitive market rate plan that requires no contract and allows you to take advantage of changing natural gas market conditions. The rate adjusts each month depending on current demand and pricing.

Price does not include AGL base charge, sales tax, or $5.95 customer service charge. The monthly price applies to customers with a beginning meter reading date (listed on your bill as the prior reading date) in that month.

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$0.829 Fixed 12 Month Price Plan Plus $8.50 per DDDC View Details

With our Fixed Price Plan, you pay for the gas you use at a fixed price per therm that is guaranteed for 12 billing cycles. This plan insulates you from monthly fluctuations in the price of gas that will likely occur with our Market Pricing Plan. When you select the Fixed Price Plan, you are committing to remain on the plan for 12 billing cycles. An early termination fee may be assessed. (See True Natural Gas' Terms and Conditions of Service for details.)

Price does not include AGL base charge, sales tax, or $5.95 customer service charge. The fixed price applies when the customer is enrolled.

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