When you’re loyal to us, we’re loyal to you.

True Rewards

It’s only fair!

Get rewarded for being true.

When you stay, you save.
The longer you stay, the more you save.
The savings are automatic.

When you’re a reliable customer, you pay your bill every month. After 12 months of incident-free payments, we’ll take 50¢ off your Customer Service charge that month, and every month after that. And every 12 months after, if you continue to keep uninterrupted service from True Natural Gas, and continue to keep your payments in good standing, we’ll take another 50¢ off. Stay long enough, and your monthly service charge could be as low as $3.45 a month.

True Rewards is only the beginning.

Our loyalty program is just one of the ways True Natural Gas shows its commitment to not only being the best gas provider, but the best local neighbor a gas provider can be. With our honest pricing and truly low rates, along with customer service that other providers don’t come close to, we believe it’s easy to be loyal to us. And that’s why we’re being loyal to you.

Call us at 770-502-0226 to talk to a REAL LIVE PERSON to find out more about True Rewards.

DISCLAIMER: The True Rewards Program is for active residential customers only. If the customer should disconnect service due to cut off for non-pay or switch to another marketer then they forfeit the Customer Service Charge Discount. This program will only be offered to good paying residential customers with no more than 2 delinquents, no broken arrangement, or returned checks. Residential customers that have had an account number change due to moving and/or location correction and seasonal customers do not lose their eligibility. This program may be modified or discontinued at the company’s sole discretion. There is no cash value to the rewards apart from the program and the rewards are not transferrable, cannot be accelerated, or the terms changed for tender of payment. TNG12512-6/14
True Talk
We'd rather keep old customers than new ones.

So hurry up and become an old customer.