AGL Base Charge

You just opened your natural gas bill and you’re looking over the numbers. Everything seems straightforward . . . but wait, what’s this AGL Base Charge? Who is AGL and what are they charging for? Not to worry—we’ve got the answers for you.

Who is AGL?

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) is the natural gas utility regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC). They are the largest distribution utility in the Southeast and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Company. AGL distributes natural gas on behalf of True and other marketers. They don’t sell gas directly to end users, but rather are responsible for the delivery of that gas through their distribution network. They serve more than 1.6 million customers in Georgia.

What is the AGL Base Charge?

The AGL Base Charge is a regulated charge from the utility (AGL) that is billed through each natural gas marketer. It represents their cost of delivering gas to your home or business, pipeline maintenance, and meter reading. True bills a full base charge regardless of the number of days of service. This charge is 100% pass through and will be the same regardless of the marketer you choose.

How is the AGL Base Charge calculated?

There are several components that go into the calculation, but by far the largest is the DDDC Factor. Each August, AGL conducts an evaluation of every meter on their system. They analyze the demand of each home and business meter’s peak Winter usage and then assign a value, referred to as the DDDC Factor. This value is shown on your bill next to your AGL account number. Charges could include pre-approved PSC credit.

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