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Natural Gas

Don’t I get my gas from Atlanta Gas Light?
Where does my natural gas come from, and how does it get to my house?
What is a therm?

Signing Up for Service

I don't live near True Natural Gas. Can you still be my gas provider?
Do I have to sign a contract for gas service?
Is there a cost to switch from my old marketer to True Natural Gas?
How do I switch to True Natural Gas?
Why do I need to provide my Social Security number?
Do I have to notify my current marketer when I sign up with True Natural Gas?
Once I contact True Natural Gas, when will my switch become effective?
I live in an apartment/multi-family development. Do I still need to select a gas marketer?
Where can I find the Natural Gas Customer Handbook?


Are True Natural Gas’ rates variable or fixed?
Do you have a payment plan that allows me to pay the same amount from month to month?
Are there special discounts for seniors?
How is my deposit level determined?


If I have questions concerning my bill, whom do I call?
How often will I receive a bill?
What charges will appear on my bill?
What are AGL base charges, and why do I have to pay them?
How is the AGL base rate calculated?
I recently enrolled and received my first bill for seven days of service, with a full base charge. On my next bill, it appears that I’m being billed again for a base charge. Was I billed a base charge twice for the same month of service?
Is there a late payment fee?
If I miss a payment, how long will I have before service is disconnected for non-payment?

Natural Gas Marketers

What is natural gas deregulation?
What are the differences between the natural gas marketers?
Who is the Regulated Provider in Georgia?

Natural Gas Consumption

Who reads my meter and how often is it read?
Will my bill ever reflect "0" therms of gas consumed?
What is my Designated Design Day Capacity (DDDC)?

Service Disruption

Whom do I call if my gas is cut off?
Whom do I call for emergencies or if I smell gas?

Disconnecting Service

Once my service is with True Natural Gas, will there be a cancellation fee if I elect to move to another marketer?