About Us

Providing the best in natural gas.


Have you ever wondered exactly how natural gas makes the journey from the ground to your home or business? A lot of people are working hard behind the scenes to ensure you enjoy the warmth and ease that is brought to you by natural gas.

Typically, our natural gas comes from onshore wells in the South Central United Sates—primarily in Louisiana and Texas, or from offshore wells in the Gulf of Mexico. The gas is "transported" through large-diameter, pressurized pipelines to Georgia by federally regulated companies like Transco and Southern Natural. Our gas is then transferred into Atlanta Gas Light´s distribution pipeline system at what is known as a "city gate," which, practically speaking, is a large meter that records the volume of gas. Once the gas enters AGL´s system, AGL distributes it to the end use customer—you.

True Natural Gas also delivers gas to you from storage facilities located on the Transco and Southern Natural systems and from storage facilities located within the Atlanta Gas Light´s distribution system. By diversifying our fuel supply, we can better serve our customers in the event of extreme weather events such as a hurricane or ice storm.

Now you know how natural gas goes from an underground or above ground resource, to fuel your furnace, gas range, and water heater.