Energy Safety Tips

Protect yourself, your home, and your wallet.


If you smell gas (a rotten egg smell), immediately evacuate the building and call Atlanta Gas Light at 1-877-427-4321 or the fire department.

If you smell gas, DO NOT:

  1. Remain in the building
  2. Use light switches
  3. Try to find the source of the leak
  4. Smoke or strike matches
  5. Use a telephone or any electrical equipment that might create a spark

Always remember these important safety tips:

  • Have at least one working carbon monoxide detector for each level of your home.
  • Gas appliances should have a clear, steady blue flame. Small occasional amounts of yellow and orange are normal. The only exception is a natural gas fireplace designed to have yellow flames.
  • Never use a gas oven or range top as a space heater.
  • Never cover the temperature controls, air openings, or vents of an appliance.
  • Keep range and oven burners clean. Never line the oven completely with foil.
  • Never try to repair or install a gas appliance yourself. Never let a home handy-person try to do the job for you.
  • Water can damage the internal safety mechanism in the gas controls of an appliance. If you suspect water damage, have a trained technician replace them immediately.
  • Turn off gas fireplaces and space heaters before going to bed or leaving home. They're not intended as a main source of heat.
  • Gas appliance connectors (the flexible, corrugated metal tubing) should be checked by a qualified appliance service contractor periodically. Connectors can become hazardous due to deterioration, excessive movement, bending, or corrosion. Connectors made 30 to 40 years ago may be risky.
  • Never attach electrical grounding wires to gas piping.
  • Set water heater thermostats to 125 degrees or lower to prevent scalding.
  • Keep the space around furnaces and water heaters clean and clear of build-up, rags, newspapers, and other debris.
  • Never store combustibles such as gasoline, aerosol cans, paint, solvents, household cleaners, pool chemicals, or similar products near any fuel-burning equipment.
  • Be cautious using products such as paint strippers, glues, rubber cement, varnishes, turpentine, cleaning fluid, and floor finishing products. They give off vapors that can be ignited by any flame source, such as a burner pilot light. Vapors can also corrode metal vents and appliance combustion chambers. Turn off all gas appliances when using these products and keep the space well ventilated with exhaust fans or plenty of fresh air.
  • Be aware of where gas (and other utility) lines are buried, especially when working in your yard. Always call before you dig: 770-623-4344 in metro Atlanta or 800-282-7411 toll-free.